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Go check all of the newness @ Little Boxes in Albero H&G ! ❤


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hi everyone!

I love everything about fall. The color, smell, and mostly the decor!  I’ve been itching to make a fall home for the new season and I thought up maybe a fall cabin in the woods. I remember going out to my grandma’s home in the fall and the landscape of beautiful autumn trees was <3. I remember riding my bike and jumping in leaf piles.*memories* Anyways!  I made this little piece of land using a Atomic Bubble & Atomic Turf. It’s really easy to set up (just get creative!) I used Dried Meadow Grass from KIDD Creation & almost all of the trees are from Zigana. Check out Zigana! I’d never been there till tonight and it’s really awesome! Beautiful trees & lights all over <333! Lastly the cabin is from Molto Bene – (Anna & Aden’s Winter Cabin) It will always remain a constant favorite 🙂 . Make sure to visit the Albero Molto Bene & Zigana locations ! Look below for details & happy shopping ! Have a great weekend ❤ Ashia Edwyn



Home: Aden & Anna’s Cabin [Winter] – Molto Bene!
Bike: bycycle (white) – mdrm (naonao2 ellils)
Walkway: White Walkway [5m tinted] – +PLUS
Mini Pumpkins: Halloween Pumpkin Bunch – Awesome Blossom
Front Porch Rocker & Side Tide (texture change) : Awesome Blossom
Red Lights: Zigana
Book Pile: clutter – Sunny M.
Coffee Cup: paper cup1 *freebie* – nordari
Boots: Felton Boots A – Theosophy
Dark Grey Rug: North West
Fallen Leaves (on front porch) – Olive Juice (seasons hunt)
Red and Brown Crate: Zigana
Jackalope Trophy – arcade
Pumpkin Basket (dark wicker) – Awesome Blossom
Forest Shelf *FLF* item- nordari
Cottage Table & chairs: LISP Bazaar (seasons hunt)
Happy Pecan Owl Cake*bake sale item* – fashionably dead
Lighter Rugs: rugs from the attic *subgift* – croire
Darker rugs: Hartford & Buffalo Roadtrip Rugs- Sea Salt
Dog: Relaxing German Shep – Zooby
Chair: Autumn Shades Chair Olive – LISP (seasons hunt)
Side Table: Recycled Table (short/dark) – Awesome Blossom
Bed: Heirloom bed – /store is closed
Lamp: flowergarden *freebie* – nordari
Records: phonograf lp/ep records – artilleri home
Trunk: Vintage Trunk – Awesome Blossom
Prayer Flags: Zigana
Bookshelf Crates: Urban Decay
Ivy In Glass: Awesome Blossom
Kitty: Shop Seu
Record Player : ponitee


Orange Trees: autum tree – kusshon (seasons hunt)
Swing: Hide and Seek Swing – Awesome Blossom
Tree Stump: Another Effin’ Pose Stump – Olive Juice
Yellow Grass: Real Grass* DRIED MEADOW* – KiDD
Red Grass/Bush: Berries – Zigana
Red Yellow Trees: Autumn Trees – Zigana
Light Beams: yellow & orange –  Zigana
Pumpkin: Autumn Pumpkin to play in – RC (seasons hunt)



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new @ abode

hi all ! ❤
The newest release from -abode- is the Rico City Chic Home. Stats are as follows – 252 prims, 2 bedrooms, bonus room, 2048m lot size.The second picture below is a small peek of how I decorated the house.It’s the largest home I’ve decorated & there’s tons of space for you to decorate with! I made a little art room out of the bonus room 🙂 .My favorite part of the home is  the little patio that is attached to the side of the home. It’s really awesome for picnics or rezday parties. This home will be ready for purchase sometime this evening ! If you would like to see a demo in world – please visit the Abode mainstore. Abode will have a special featured price for the new release 500L till Tuesday. After Tuesday it will jump back up to 1000. So make sure to snatch it at the low price while it’s still 50% off.*furniture or fan not included. have a great week ! ❤ Ashia Edwyn.

Abode @ Albero H&G or Abode Mainstore for the demo (half price is featured at both locations!)

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new from TLND & Update

Hi all – Trash here. I have more TLND goodies! As soon as I got them, I had an instant lofty vibe. The couches and chairs go so well with brick and air ducts while a fancy, low prim chandelier tops it off.

*Couch (3 prims each, 5 poses multi-avatars, copy & modify-no transfer, priced at L$100): Denim Couch – Dark & Claire by TLND (Via Tereshchenko/new)

*Lounger (4 prims each, 8 poses, copy & modify-no transfer, priced at L$150 each): My chaise longue – white & Dark Grey by TLND (Via Tereshchenko/new)

*Chair (3 prims, 9 poses, copy & modify-no transfer, priced at L$90): White Plastic Chair by TLND (Via Tereshchenko/new)

Get them all here!

*Rug (1 prim): Round fur Rug by [North West] (Lili Brink)

*Air ducts (6 prims): Made by Trash Wahwah (not available)

*Chandelier (1 prim): =1prim=  chandelier by *SHOP SEU* (seu Ahn/no longer available as far as I know)

*Boxes (15 prims): packaging box by NOTsoBAD (Reda Bertolucci)

Also, take a look at what Turnip (from Turnip’s Home and Stuff) has been up to!

Revamping the store to be more Autumn-ish nonetheless! Check it out for yourself in world.

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new at (arcade)

newest release from (arcade) – porch relic

4 single sits & 2 couple sits
2 versions included with or w/o floor leaves
15 prims

Grab it here at (arcade) !

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new releases @ Little Boxes

new @ Little Boxes !  Autumn Patchwork Chair & Old frames wall decor ! Autumn patchwork chair is 7prims t and great for brown earthy tones & fall colors ! I love the Old Frames wall decor it fills up any dull wall in your home and instantly makes for a great eye catcher. Comes in two colors & is 17 prims ! I put a few of the items out in my home (third picture) so you can see how it all fits together for a real pretty sitting area. Visit Little Boxes here @ Albero Home & Garden. ❤ Ashia Edwyn

Skybox:Atelier – Tweedle
Wall Decor: Old Frames – Little Boxes
Plant: Potted Yucca (hunt gift) – blonde*
Chair: Autumn Patchwork Chair – Little Boxes
Table: Raw wood coffee table – Little Boxes

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new @ theosophy – Port Eynon Skybox

hi everyone !

Newest from the oh so talented Trace Osterham -!  The Port Eynon skybox  is perfect for fall/winter with the dark brown & grey tones.  I’ve been bugging Trace to finish this skybox because I was SUPER excited to start decorating it. It comes with adorable daybed (with the cutest poses from Olive Juice!) , built in bookcase & a chalkboard wall. LOVE. I went with some fall colors for the decor & it came out really cute. Emma G (Surf Co) is putting these amazing candles out as part of the Seasons Hunt that starts Sept. 25th! Make sure you get these too! They look great with this skybox 🙂 . Here are your details for Port Eynon –  20mx20m footprint, 99prims + 10 prim daybed, transfer, 11 custom daybed animations, hud for texture change blanket & wall board. Taxi to Theosophy ! ❤ <-here.     Ashia Edwyn

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