A Belated Welcome to ALBERO H&G

Welcome to the official ALBERO Home and Garden blog. The H&G section debuted in February at the ALBERO sim where it had became a huge hit within just a few days. This blog will be useful and hopefully inspiring to those wishing to follow the constant updates, releases, and more from the one and only ALBERO Home and Garden. Without further adieu, please enjoy your journey!

Shops located here:

…and so many more! Including HooT, El’n, Molto Bene!, MIASNOW, blah to wah, butterdish, abode, Reek, Knopfe, Root Beer, North West, and Atomic Owl

A setup created with all things from ALBERO H&G:

*Couch (19 prims): (Modded/tinted) Glasgow couch *white* by Artilleri (Antonia Marat)

*Rug (1 prim): Antique W&W Rug 2 by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)

*Ottoman (8 prims): Tweed Ottoman *With blanket by blah to wah (Trash Wahwah)

*Light jars (4 prims each): Light Jars-pack 2 by Knopfe (Andie Button)

Check back often for updates and other goodies previously stated! Also, links added to the side for your earliest convenience of exclusive shopping with ALBERO Home and Garden and other amazing store sectors.


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