new @ abode

hi all ! ❤
The newest release from -abode- is the Rico City Chic Home. Stats are as follows – 252 prims, 2 bedrooms, bonus room, 2048m lot size.The second picture below is a small peek of how I decorated the house.It’s the largest home I’ve decorated & there’s tons of space for you to decorate with! I made a little art room out of the bonus room 🙂 .My favorite part of the home is  the little patio that is attached to the side of the home. It’s really awesome for picnics or rezday parties. This home will be ready for purchase sometime this evening ! If you would like to see a demo in world – please visit the Abode mainstore. Abode will have a special featured price for the new release 500L till Tuesday. After Tuesday it will jump back up to 1000. So make sure to snatch it at the low price while it’s still 50% off.*furniture or fan not included. have a great week ! ❤ Ashia Edwyn.

Abode @ Albero H&G or Abode Mainstore for the demo (half price is featured at both locations!)


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