hi everyone!

I love everything about fall. The color, smell, and mostly the decor!  I’ve been itching to make a fall home for the new season and I thought up maybe a fall cabin in the woods. I remember going out to my grandma’s home in the fall and the landscape of beautiful autumn trees was <3. I remember riding my bike and jumping in leaf piles.*memories* Anyways!  I made this little piece of land using a Atomic Bubble & Atomic Turf. It’s really easy to set up (just get creative!) I used Dried Meadow Grass from KIDD Creation & almost all of the trees are from Zigana. Check out Zigana! I’d never been there till tonight and it’s really awesome! Beautiful trees & lights all over <333! Lastly the cabin is from Molto Bene – (Anna & Aden’s Winter Cabin) It will always remain a constant favorite 🙂 . Make sure to visit the Albero Molto Bene & Zigana locations ! Look below for details & happy shopping ! Have a great weekend ❤ Ashia Edwyn



Home: Aden & Anna’s Cabin [Winter] – Molto Bene!
Bike: bycycle (white) – mdrm (naonao2 ellils)
Walkway: White Walkway [5m tinted] – +PLUS
Mini Pumpkins: Halloween Pumpkin Bunch – Awesome Blossom
Front Porch Rocker & Side Tide (texture change) : Awesome Blossom
Red Lights: Zigana
Book Pile: clutter – Sunny M.
Coffee Cup: paper cup1 *freebie* – nordari
Boots: Felton Boots A – Theosophy
Dark Grey Rug: North West
Fallen Leaves (on front porch) – Olive Juice (seasons hunt)
Red and Brown Crate: Zigana
Jackalope Trophy – arcade
Pumpkin Basket (dark wicker) – Awesome Blossom
Forest Shelf *FLF* item- nordari
Cottage Table & chairs: LISP Bazaar (seasons hunt)
Happy Pecan Owl Cake*bake sale item* – fashionably dead
Lighter Rugs: rugs from the attic *subgift* – croire
Darker rugs: Hartford & Buffalo Roadtrip Rugs- Sea Salt
Dog: Relaxing German Shep – Zooby
Chair: Autumn Shades Chair Olive – LISP (seasons hunt)
Side Table: Recycled Table (short/dark) – Awesome Blossom
Bed: Heirloom bed – /store is closed
Lamp: flowergarden *freebie* – nordari
Records: phonograf lp/ep records – artilleri home
Trunk: Vintage Trunk – Awesome Blossom
Prayer Flags: Zigana
Bookshelf Crates: Urban Decay
Ivy In Glass: Awesome Blossom
Kitty: Shop Seu
Record Player : ponitee


Orange Trees: autum tree – kusshon (seasons hunt)
Swing: Hide and Seek Swing – Awesome Blossom
Tree Stump: Another Effin’ Pose Stump – Olive Juice
Yellow Grass: Real Grass* DRIED MEADOW* – KiDD
Red Grass/Bush: Berries – Zigana
Red Yellow Trees: Autumn Trees – Zigana
Light Beams: yellow & orange –  Zigana
Pumpkin: Autumn Pumpkin to play in – RC (seasons hunt)




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    i ❤ your face face face. this is beautiful, ginger twin. 😀

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